Dynamic Content

Standout from the Crowd. The best way to drive Web traffic and generate repeat visits is to include dynamic content and interactive tools on your site.

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Web Based Calculators

Recent Finding :"Using online calculators and retirement advisers has been linked to higher levels of retirement confidence."

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401kwidgets lets you offer your clients the convenience of 401(k) related calculators and content tools right on your own website.

No Programming

With 401kwidgets, there's no expensive, time-consuming programming required. Our calculators are fully hosted javascript tools. We provide a few lines of code for your webmaster to place on your site and that's it; you can forget about it. There's no maintenance required.

Attract Prospects

Giving your website visitors the time and labor-saving convenience of 401kwidgets helps them see you as the go-to expert for retirement planning. It's a powerful way to keep them coming back, staying longer, and becoming long-term clients.

Self Service

For your clients, prospects and partners, these self-service tools offer 24 hour-a-day support and immediate access to information without having to wait for an email response or a returned telephone call.

401kwidgets is a powerful suite of tools, giving your users the convenience of easy-to-use tools right on your website.